Welcome to Career Services

New University

The Career Service - or Career Center how it is called in most other countries - is responsible for additional courses and events that facilitate students step into their future job life.

The Career Service Office is the main platform where one can find information about study and career funding opportunities that are provided by the Würzburg University. In order to create a bridge between study and job, students are able to get acquainted with precise job images and requirements. The Career Service Office offers on this regular orientative and qualificatory seminars and activities:

    • Info-Events with the seminar-series "Berufe konkret"
      Regional and supraregional enterprises and institutions are given the opportunity to present occupational images and doorways of opportunity.

    • Job Application Trainings including Assessment-Center-Trainings
      In one or two-day seminars specific interview standards and requisites will be professionally conveyed for the job applicants.

    • Networking inside and beyond university walls
      The Career Service Office operates in the area where university and professional world overlap. In cooperation with partners from the regional and supraregional management, one can find each semester variegated offers on exploring certain job fields as well as on internship initiation. Our office establishes also connections to the specific fields of interest at the University for project works or diploma thesis.